Monday, March 31, 2008

Book Club, I love you!

Some women have shoe fetishes, others collect handbags. My passion is reading books and then discussing them. I think it is a throwback to my university days when afternoons were filled with meandering conversations about novels. Nowadays, the best I can manage is joining book groups and then not reading the books (although I have the best intentions to do so) but still attending the meetings. Tonight, the book I didn't read was Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. By all accounts, I should pick it up anyway. My biggest problem is actually not an absence of time in which to read the books, but rather the length of time I spend on the library waitlist. If the book we are reading is very popular, the wait can be problematic. Plus, this particular book group is non-fiction based, so the material is generally not the type you can cram into two evenings of reading.

Nevertheless, the pleasure I take from stimulating and well-informed (myself excluded) conversation with knowledgeable and thoughtful women is immeasurable. Hooray for discourse!

The next book I won't be reading? Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. Actually, since I am only second on the VPL hold list, I might even get to start this one...

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Heather Osberg said...

I can't wait to join a book club! One day! I love your picture at the station Eric, that's so awesome that you are done with training and are a full fledged firefighter, congratulations! Hope all is well chez vous! ")