Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you weather faeries

After a dismal Spring so far, last weekend was deliverance from damp. You sort of forget how nice weather makes you feel. Energized. Renewed. Human.

We were down on the Point for the weekend and since Eric worked most of the weekend, the kids and I went it alone. Basically, that entailed whole days out of doors.



Confronting the amazing growth of the garden (yikes!).


Being sweet.

I know I have said this before and you will no doubt be subjected to this rant again: television and the Internet (yes, that's right Internet, I am talking to time-sucking-vortex) detract from my ability to be a totally present Momma. I am distractable. Like super distractable. I am fully aware that I perpetually have one eye cocked towards the computer screen, attuned to Gmail's pleasant little "bing" of incoming mail. Freed from the insidious intrusion of all artificial sound, life slows considerably. Although, I will admit to surrounding myself with magazines, books, magazines and the CBC (a lot of CBC).

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