Sunday, August 30, 2009

E-Tree topping

The small cedar hedge that was planted all along the southern edge of
the home 15 years ago has now become a very large one that blocks out
most of our sun during the winter. It has grown large enough that
trimming it is a real the local arborist wants a few
thousand dollars for. I opted to take up my friend Guy's offer to put
his forestry fire fighting skills to the test and do it ourselves. It
wasn't easy! Guy was amazing....climbing up to 60 feet and going from
tree to tree with the chainsaw.

The yard looked like a cedar slaughter house and took a lot of work to
clean up as well, so I enlisted some help. The draw of money pulled
hard on the kids as they worked in the back yard for the better part
of an hour piling logs and picking up cedar boughs. Thanks
everybody...job well....actually half done...but a good start. Let's
hope the neighbour likes it when he gets back from vacation.

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