Monday, July 4, 2011

E- Year end basketball video

I always knew that I wanted to continue to be involved with basketball when I quit playing but it took me a few years to get the right situation given my family and work obligations.  I am very happy with the way things have now worked out at the Arbutus Club and hopeful that I can really help some kids develop over the next ten years.  

I, along with John Dumont, coached about 100 kids starting in September 2010 and finishing at the end of June 2011.   We really focused on the fundamentals and threw in some conditioning and agility work.  The kids responded well and did everything we asked of them, over a period of many months.  We wanted to celebrate this commitment and dedication with a party at the end of the year.

The party wasn't all fun and games though......we made them compete at the drills we had done all year long in order to win prizes.

We had Howard Kelsey, a friend and executive vice president of Basketball Canada help out and give a motivational speech to our group.

Just before pizza, prizes and report cards were presented, I showed the class the movie I had made of their year with our basketball program.  Although it took me more time than I originally thought, I enjoyed making the movie and was really happy to see how much the kids liked it.

Here is the movie.  If you watch it I am sure you will see why I liked this group so much and was really proud of their development during our time together.

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Cristina Herman said...

Great video Eric - well done! It looks like it was quite a feat. :)