Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flower Girl

Finny is entrepreneurial. Pretty well everyone who has met this kid know this about her. It sort of oozes out. 

One of our neighbours runs a garden and she had some extra flowers after a weekend market got rained out. She came over and asked if Finny would be interested in setting up a stand on the corner. 

Would she...? WOULD SHE...?

She went gangbusters.

Molly and Lukey came and went, but Finny spent a solid three hours outside in the drizzle. She was yelling up and down the street and employing some very tough sales techniques.

She and Jess (our neighbour) sold out. Finny split the profit with Jess, then paid out her siblings and Jess' son. She came home with over $60.

Was she thrilled...? Um, YES!

Watch out world. Today it is flowers. Tomorrow...? Who knows.

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