Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our girl

I just walked past Finny's classroom. I noticed the artwork on the wall. It was about hands and what the kids want their hands to do when they are working adults. There were lots of jobs listed: artist, soccer player, vet, police officer. Seven artists, actually.

Then I saw our girl's rainbow fingers. When she grows up, she wants to be a "psychologist" and she'd use her hands "to comfort people".


Anonymous said...

Oh, melt. That child. That. Amazing. Child. Will you give her a hug from me?



ABF said...

Hi Eric, I came across your blog this morning - perhaps you remember me from eons ago, I was a friend of Allison's until we moved away in 1985. I read your 2007 post about her life, which was wonderful to see as she made such an impact on my life. I still think about her often, and our daughter Ally is named for her. All the best to you and your beautiful family. - Amy Fraser

Anonymous said...

This is Michaela Cornell at Kids Can Press. We really want to help with Finny's request to see Melanie Watt in Vancouver in a BIG way, but we have to move fast. Please contact me at or 416-479-6766.

Ericandles said...

Hi Amy

Thanks for the email and for sharing your thoughts on Alli. That's great that you have your own little Ally. I find my own daughters bring back many memories of her.

I really appreciate getting to hear from people who knew her and reliving some of the memories. Speaking of that, I certainly remember hearing Mandy and Alli talk about heading down to the Fraser's to jump on the trampoline and can still picture where you lived.

I hope life is good to you and appreciate you leaving the message. Take care, Eric