Saturday, February 15, 2014

E- moving along

Wanting our place to look as nice as possible, and with such capable help from John, Les and I have not done much of the work ourselves. However, demolition work is pretty hard to mess up, so we did get involved in this stage. 

Here you can see our lovely old laminate and underlay on its way to the dump...and a tired Les at the end of the day hauling it out to the car. Bryan, on the other hand, still has energy to burn.

Here's the kitchen on the day of cabinet delivery. They used good quality wood...

...and some fancy lasers for installation. 

After painting it was time for our new floors.

We bought most of our appliances from Trail in Delta, who gave us a competitive price on a high end slide-in induction oven and really quiet Bosch dishwasher.  They couldn't even get close to the price of the fridge from a black friday sale over the border, so this unit had some serious travel time before getting to it's final destination.

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