Wednesday, February 12, 2014

E- things look worse before they get better

Yes, I'm retro blogging...but who the heck has time to write on a computer in the middle of a renovation? So where was I?
We got our kitchen in the middle of December. We hired some guys from Richmond who have a really nice plywood box with solid maple doors product. We are really happy with the end result but it actually took about a month for them to completely finish things. 
Nice enough guys, with a good product but pretty ridiculus customer service/responsiveness. We've since found out that this is quite typical around here in the construction/reno business...making us feel even more greatful to have John on the job for us. 
We got the same guys to do our bathroom vanities and counters, so that everything matches.
As you can see in our bedroom, the only thing that stayed was the drywall. Even the blinds on the window have since been replaced.

The bathroom was stripped down to just the toilet...which only stayed temporarily as matter of convenience.
Our favourite contractor hard at work sculpting his drop ceiling. (He actually is a sculptor in his spare time...which thanks to us is quite minimal as of late)
It's been decided that the drop looks like a violin...well, half of one anyways. If you look closely you can probably see it.

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