Thursday, January 10, 2008

E- Better late than never

Warning. Most of the blog entry that follows is out of date, not very interesting and contains a list of things (which will mean nothing to anyone else)that we did over the Christmas vacation. Read at your own risk!

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends. It seems that this blog has replaced our Christmas letter and/or emails. After all, it would be pretty redundant to write about the growing kids and the stuff we are involved in, when there is an overabundance of that right here. So don't expect to hear from us unless you log onto Having said that, there hasn't been a lot of blogging lately either.

We have had a great Chrismas. It's easy for me to cynically complain about Christmas being a parade of plastic toys shipped from China to our living rooms. Although this part of Christmas now seems almost unavoidable….. so is the side of Christmas I enjoy much more…..seeing family and friends in a way we don't usually have time for. If it weren't for Christmas, when would we decorate gingerbread houses in New West Minister or go skating with the Halls?

After finishing work on December 21st, I had a 2 week break while the tunnel workers went home to Europe and Central America. The kids and I made Les breakfast for her birthday on the 22nd. That afternoon we saw Jamie Storrow, his wife Fiona and their new baby Muireann, before going out to diner with Les' parents and brother at the Ridge Chinese restaurant. Later that night we started our stay in Point Roberts.

On December 23rd our neighbours down there, Bill and Carol, came over for a couple of beers. The 24th was my family's Chistmas celebration at our place.
The 25th brought us back in town to the McKnight's for breakfast and then over to the Gaherty's for a delicious Turkey dinner. December 26th we spent by ourselves in Point Roberts

December 27th we came back to Vancouver for the skating party at Kerrisdale arena followed by drinks and a Canucks game at the Halls. Les took the kids back to the cottage while I played poker with Steve, Phil and Jeff until 5 am.
The next day was another late one as we stayed at Andrew and Lori's party until 2 am.

On the 29th we went back to the cottage where my Mom, her sister Betsy and brother-in-law Dave met us for a nice visit that included many Wii games and a great dinner at Brewsters. On the 30th the twins from Molly's class, Maya and Nathan and their parents, visited us at the cottage. The kids particularly liked jumping on the trampoline as well as the Smores we roasted over the fire.

On Dec 31st Trixie and John Dumont brought their 3 boys down for New Years Eve. With 6 kids running around wrestling and playing video games while their parents drank responsibly, the night seemed to go by in blur. I am not sure how it works… moment it was time to celebrate midnight…..when I looked at my watch a short while later….. it was 5am.
Happy 2008!

Our other Point Bob neighbours, Martin and Dorthy, hosted a New Years day lunch for 15 people. Despite a nice spread they put out, I didn't seem to have much of an appetite. Steve and Kathy came down on the 2nd and introduced us to the game "Scene It". The girls team won the game based on Les' strength of being able to complete all of the Wheel-of-fortune type of word games.

Despite a busy social calendar our time at the Point felt relaxing and rejuvenating. We had few obligations and it was a great break to get away from the ringing phone and ever present internet.

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