Saturday, January 26, 2008

Preaching to the converted, but hey, there was free pizza

Literacy is something that will be taught in my home. Maybe that sounds a little dictatorial, but the one thing that might prevent me from loving my children with every scrap of my whole heart (oh, who am I heart is already devoured by love) would be if they rejected reading *ignore this pronouncement if any of the children have a good reason for not being able to, blindness, learning disability or crazy book phobia*

I just read that over. Even I am a little skeptical of that statement. The truth is, I would love the kids even if they built a giant bonfire out of all the books I have ever loved and then threw me on top of it to burn. FYI, that doesn't sound like all that bad a way to go...

I think I digress. This is all just a very long winded and barely applicable way of saying that we went to celebrate Family Literacy Week at their Write On event at the Central library today. Despite what I feel was an abysmal lack news about the event out in the community, the turnout was pretty good and the afternoon was a lot of fun. There were crafts, author readings (Kari Winters) and free Panago pizza. In fact, between the four of us (and one was a baby) we scarfed down 12 pieces. Hey, I was eating for literacy.
Doesn't Lucas look on the brink of jumping into the magical world of literacy?

There was plenty of glitter glue to brainwash children into thinking that literacy is sparkly fun.

That was a bookmark. I am pretty sure it is still drying...there was a lot of glitter glue on there in the end.

And to give you an idea of how literacy minded I am, even without the lure of pizza, upon leaving the downtown library we went to our neighbourhood library to pick up some books I had on hold. Two library trips in one day...maybe they should have saved the pizza and glitter for someone who needed convincing?

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Nadia said...

Hey Les! You are the winner of the Nadia Pass It Forward contest!

What kind of prize would you like? Pink? Green? Knit? Sewn? Cables? Lace? Hat? Gloves?

Do tell!