Monday, January 28, 2008

Unadulterated Joy

Lucas just popped around the corner of the kitchen door and spotted his favourite little person, Molly. Unable to restrain himself in pure happiness at this surprise he threw his arms in the air and squealed. Molly, thrilled to be the cause of so much joy, threw her little arms around him and picked him up in a bear hug. He then wrapped his chubby thighs around her hips and squeezed. Then they made little cooing noises to each other.

When Molly came back into the kitchen, she said, "Having a little brother is just great." I couldn't agree more.


maureen.munroe said...

Hey y'all,

Thanks for this one! I feel a bit weird reading your blog, but having just become a parent of two girls, reading about your little gem of a moment gives me hope! Number two is 4 weeks old, I'm home with both girls on a snow day and it's TOTAL INSANITY.

Hope all is well!
Mo Munroe (Gill)

ericandles said...

Ha! Stop the insanity! No, the start of any long relationship is rocky and it took a while for our three to hit their stride, too. But the love is there and it will be shared. Plus, with two girls, you are guaranteed to have tenderness. Our two girls are the best of friends unless they are the worst of enemies. Sigh. It thrills me to no end to think of you reading...thanks!