Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jackson Pollack, watch out!

In general, I am not a huge fan of toys. Mostly, they are microscopic plastic items that I pick up off the floor five hundred times a day, either right before Lukey chokes on them or right after they puncture my instep. Ask me at any given moment to empty my pants pocket, I can virtually guarantee you will find a Polly Pocket shoe (beyond microscopic), a sparkled barrette (for last second grooming, probably because I have neglected first second grooming) and a mini comb or brush for a pony or doll or just about anything else.

There are a few toy items that are not on my rant list, however. One my favourite items is the MagnaDoodle. It goes in the car, comes back home, goes back in the car, comes back home...I think you get the idea. It is all one piece therefore, there are fewer trips back into the place you just left on the hunt for "Steeeeeeeella's soooooother!" with echoes of the tears you left behind in the car ringing in your ears as you search behind friends' couches, under coffee tables and through kitchen cupboards. Another bonus, it offers endless hours of drawing fun with no environmental drawback of forty-five sheets of printer paper with single scribbles on them. It has been popular with little wee people and popular with learning to print people. In short, the MagnaDoodle has been a consistent hit around here. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to see this sight today:

The torch has been passed on.

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