Monday, January 28, 2008

Paying it forward?

I have a guilty admission: I have become addicted to other people's blogs. Now that I have that off my chest, I stumbled upon Nadia's page a couple of days ago and was intrigued by her Pay-It-Forward concept. By being one of the first three comments on her blog, she is now sending me something created by her...paying-it-forward, as it were.

I am game to try the same, though I can make no promises as to the quality or timeliness of my crafty contributions. And...given that I think we have three comments TOTAL over the life of the blog, three comments to this post sounds like a bit of an interactive bonanza. Nevertheless, the first three to comment here will find something dodgy and made by me arrive in their mailbox. Well now, if that isn't motivation...(even I am laughing).

NOTE: Part of me was pretty sure no one would comment...thanks for proving me wrong! But it also tells me something: it is really nice to get comments! So, in order to bribe you into stepping out of the darkness, I continue my offer of a handmade, suspect item delivered to your door. Just because it makes us happy that you stop by to read. Thanks!


Cristina Herman said...

Ok Les - since I read your blog daily (I know, it's kind of creepy...) I'll be the first to comment. Pay it forward baby and I'll do the same on mine!

Unknown said...

I read your blog bi-daily or at least once a week. I only read two other blogs and my favourite blog headline this week from a friend of a friend in Oakland CA who has an urban farm is: Farm Saved! Goats! Turkey Sex! All good news for someone squat-farming on an open lot.
Our mailbox awaits.... So does a visit.... now that Sienna talks and Lucas walks.

Katy said...
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Katy said...

I read your post regularly too, have just never commented because of the sign-in process (lame I know) Thanks Eric and Les for the fantastic blog, it makes me feel like I'm getting to know my family so far away!

Megan said...

Ack - having some trouble posting my comment. You may get two!
It is nice to get comments! Thanks for yours. And good luck with your craft!

Ericandles said...

I never even realized that there was a sign in process....I am not in the habit of leaving comments on this blog either. I have now changed the setting, hopefully making it easier for anyone who wants to comment. Eric

Anonymous said...

glad the sign-in was changed. i tried to post yesterday, too!
:-) like the bee colony idea. molly