Friday, January 18, 2008

Mess with Little Minds

And by little minds, I mean young, not necessarily small. You know when at the end of the day, you are a little fried and more or less mentally done? But then, as the evening winds down, at least around here, there is inevitably one more request to play babies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tellytellies (read Tellytubbies) or squirrel. Sometimes my heart is in it...sometimes, well...I just don't feel like being a pretend rodent.

So, in the interest of those of your who know what I am talking about:

Two Easy Steps to Deflect or Derail Pretend Play As Demonstrated Tonight(FYI, pretending is normally encouraged non-stop around here, so give me a break for the occasional curtailing of creativity)

1. At the start of the games, a great deal of attention will be given to the choosing of names. DO NOT accept the usual array of pleasing Victorian names. Reject all Sophies, Emilys, and Annas. Instead, suggest inanimate object names and try to make them slightly distasteful. Tonight, I tried Diaper for Finny, Wipe for Molly and Lucas was Baby Pooper.

2. When game play commences, stick to these names like Gorilla Glue. This is essential. Soon, you won't be playing pretend anymore. The girls quickly commenced negotiation..."Fine, I will call you Sophie, but don't tell Diaper...OK, Wipe? I mean Sophie...?" Diaper and Wipe tried to get Baby Pooper to be called Jack, but they gave up on that one pretty quickly. And personally, I think he might have preferred that moniker to Jack...

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