Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You know you are in for a world of teenager pain when...

...this happens:

I took the girls to skating lessons this morning. We managed to mislay Molly's gloves en route, so in desperation I scoped out the lost and found box. Since I know Molly pretty well, I brought her a few mitten options from which to chose. Two of three choices were sensible. The third choice was thin little gloves in pink and purple stripes with little embroidered faces on each of the fingers. I offered her a choice. When she chose (obviously) the face fingers, I informed her that they would NOT be WARM enough (no doubt you are wondering why I brought them over in the first place...you make a good point). She answered thusly:

"No. Probably not warm Mummy. But these ones are PRETTY."

To give her her due, she wore them all lesson without complaint. And I pretended not to notice her freezing, chapped little hands as she rubbed them after class, desperately trying to coax feeling back into her frozen digits.

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