Friday, January 18, 2008

E- a typical day in a rountineless household

My night shift on the Canada Line ended at 6am. By the time I got home, had a little bit to eat and got settled, it was just about time for Molly to go to Friday morning Kindergarten class. After I crawled off to bed for a couple of hours sleep, I went with Les, Finny and Lucas to the Arbutus club. Finny had her first sportball class at the Arbutus Club while I went for a workout. In the afternoon the girls went skiing up Seymour mountain with my Mom and her friend Catherine. Lucas and I worked on some his dunking ability while Les had a rare break from the children to have lunch with Sam. Back together for a couple of hours before my next night shift began, we had a tickle war until Molly finally learned the definition of "truce".

I am aware that putting a ball in the hands of a one year old and taking video of him dunking.....because I used to play a lot of pretty cheesy. Deal with get the bonus of seeing him walking.

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