Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mr. Do-it-Yourself

Babies are funny and lovely and quirky. They are each unique but with the passage of time, the finer points of their individuality can be lost in the murky depths of forgotten details. One of the joys of the blog (and there are many) is trying to capture a couple of those fleeting, endearing little snippets.

Lucas (who has been walking for the last month or so...I should remember to blog about the bigger things too. You think you will remember later when things like that happen, but as my mom reminds me...I probably won't. Already, I am mixing up the kids' baby pictures. A [not so] secret shame) has a ridiculous new routine around diapers. When he wants a new diaper, he pats his hip repeatedly. Then, when prompted, he goes to get all the things he needs for a change: fresh diaper, wipes and cream. Then he plops himself in the middle of all these accessories and lifts his legs, ready to be changed. When it is all fixed up, you hand him the old diaper and walk with him to the kitchen, open the garbage lid and he slam dunks it. It is hilarious.

Here he is, ready for action:

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