Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bean Cookies?

Here is a funny one...I found this intriguing recipe online for Breakfast Bean Cookies. Sounds disgusting, I hear a chorus say. It does, doesn't it? But my interest was piqued, so I had to try. It isn't every day that you see a full can of beans in the middle of a cookie recipe (the closest I can think of is the black bean brownie recipe that circulated a while back...not my favourite).

Imagine me, huddled in the kitchen, frantically checking over my shoulder in case some family member should see my cracking open a tin of white kidney beans. It was a seriously subterfuge baking experience. Until the cookies started to emit cookie smell... then the kids and husband started to come out of the woodwork (bean can already washed, de-labeled and in the recycling bin...destruction of evidence is key in this type of undercover operation). Let's just say, all cookies disappeared in less than 24 hours. And beans were covertly consumed by all.

You can find the recipe at Breakfast Bean Cookie

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