Friday, January 25, 2008

E- Festy is besty

Joey Vickery always used to tell Les and me that we were really "festy" people, meaning that we really knew how to super-relax. I have never been totally convinced of his argument but, if I get really self analytical and honest, I can admit there is a fair amount of evidence against us.

Firstly, I grew up in a house with an extra large hot tub, a bean bag chair and a very comfy, self massaging lazyboy (a key part of my success in passing university). In Europe we tried to travel light, but somehow managed to have a hammock on a big metal frame and our own dishwasher (ie. more time for festing). Our place in Point Roberts has two queen sized beds pushed together to create one superbed. We also have a hammock and a 5 meter diameter trampoline in the back yard. At home, our most expensive item is a cushion top king sized bed and we have a chair hammock hanging from our roof. Fairly damning evidence..... however, on the other hand ........... ...........we really like to camp and travel.

How ever even the two sides of this debate may have been, I think Les' Christmas gift to me probably tipped the balance of the argument in Joey's favour. The picture says it all. We now have a 7'X4'x3' monster bean bag chair (filled with foam not beans) taking up a significant portion of our living room......but wow is it comfortable. And, as a bonus, our kids are now getting flying lessons.
Note: No children were hurt during the filming of this movie. All actors were trained professionals. Please do not try this at home.

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