Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fantasy Flee-er

Lately, a few times a day Lukey comes to me and informs me he is going "out". This is a game. My role is to protest...I ask him if he is leaving forever. He says yes. I pretend to cry. He then reassures me that he will "come back". He then goes and dons coat, boops (boots) and other sundry accessories. In the pictures you will see glasses, hat and a bag of bagels. He can't say, but I imagine this is for if he gets hungry? The pink boots are a nice touch...

Only one time have I let him carry all the way to opening the front door and stepping out. Finny and I crouched down behind the door he carefully closed behind him. He was calling "bye!" as he shut it gently. Then we watched him stand at the top of the stairs. He took one step down. Stopped. Came back up the stair and opened the door and shouted..."BACK!"

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