Friday, August 19, 2011

Sakinaw trip 2

You know it's a good a summer when you get up to Sakinaw twice in two weeks.  The Hall's cabin is such a great place to be that it is very hard to turn down any invitation.

We headed up with Steve and Kathy, Mike and Kristina and their friends one weekend and then with my mom, sister and her kids shortly after.  The weather was great and the lake was warm enough to not really have to psyche yourself into going.

There was lots of water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding and bubble least for Lucas. 

The Halls' new Mastercraft is incredibly powerful, and easily ripped the rope from my hands when my technique was a bit off.  Previously I tended to be able to hang onto the rope for long enough to straighten out and eventually stand up....but as you can see this boat just forced me to do it right....or not at all.
When I did finally get up, my back and arms were pretty toasted.

Finny on the other hand makes it look really easy.
And Molly liked starting from the tube so she didn't even have to get wet.

Lucas decided he wasn't yet ready to ski....but did swim with his bubble to the island 1000 feet away.

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Anonymous said...

Les, how is it that there is not ONE SINGLE COMMENT about Lukey in nothing but a slightly frightening looking flotation device? (But, seriously, does that thing not just keep him face DOWN in the water?)