Tuesday, May 7, 2013

E- Phx day 3

In-n-out Burger. Yumm...and the best service I've ever had a fast food restaurant. Someone volunteered to bring out our meals when they were ready so that we didn't have to wait inside listening to the numbers being called.  She then proceeded to make separate trips to bring us lemon water, ketchup and then our meals.

After lunch we hit the YMCA for a freshing swim.  I know the Phoenicians don't think 33 is warm...but we do. Finny was a great companion to play catch with...and I was not so great a sliding companion. It's always amazing how cold it can feel having water evaporate off your skin in the wind, even if the air is warm. 

We played a little basketball after swimming and Finny worked on her dribbling and power lay-ups.

She generates a surprising amount of power on those lay-ups, and had no problem dealing with a 10 foot hoop.  The cover on the rim posed a little more of a challenge. 

Back at Ed's place we got to listen to the Canucks being eliminated from the playoffs (kind of glad I missed that one) and watch some playoff basketball.

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