Tuesday, May 7, 2013

E- Day 2

After 17 hours on the road (900 km behind the wheel and many more in the plane) driving to Bellingham, flying to Vegas, driving to the Grand Canyon and then on to Phoenix for day 1, we decided to take it a bit easier on day 2.  It wasn't an easy travel day, but Fin was an absolute trooper. It was her decision to visit the Grand Canyon...but it's still not easy for an 8 year old to be patient for as long as she was.

 After a short sleep in, we hit Eds backyard for a hot tub and to feed his chickens.

Ed is in the midst of building a new home on an acre he bought nearby and needs some books and permits, so we headed to downtown Phoenix.

The main library is beautiful, and it even has a nice outdoor courtyard where Finny and I read while waiting for Ed.

 After a few more errands including a stop at our property manager's office, we headed back to Ed's for dinner and a quiet evening.

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