Wednesday, April 30, 2008

E-Can I put away the snow boots yet?

Finally we have had a couple of nice days after a really long and cold Spring. Today, after Molly's school, we went for a bike ride as a family down to Granville Island. (A big thanks to our neighbours Brigitte and Keith for giving us their bike wagon) We picked up some food before coming back home to have beers and burgers with Steve.

My introduction to the fire service continues to go well. I keep having a number of firsts and haven't yet come across any situations that make me uncomfortable. Some of the more interesting calls include a diabetic with really low blood sugar, two trips to the same Crack house and a big cardboard container fire that was close to setting the building ablaze and took us 20 minutes of applying foam to put it out. I also did some inspections with the most intriguing being of the neighbouring Police station. It was really interesting to see how the station ran, what their normal day is like and hear some stories about the cops. It makes me appreciate our job all that much more.

Life has been pretty quiet for me by comparison to the last few years. I have either been working or just enjoying time with the family. It's a nice beak to not be racking my brain and spending my time chasing after the next goal.

However, not one to hop off my hamster wheel for too long, I have been spending some time looking at real estate. In December we had an offer on a place in Point Roberts that fell through at the last minute when the Canadian dollar fell from $108 at acceptance to $0.96 at closing. Recently I got an accepted offer on a piece of land that looks like it will probably fall through now that the soils/septic test came back negative. If it does fall through, I am sure in 20 years it will look pretty stupid not to have completed the deal....but for now there's a limit to the value of land that can't be built on.

I have posted a couple of more pictures from our last week around town. I feel so lucky to spend so much time with the family and to have the kids at such a fun age. They are all great and special in their own ways and really add a lot to our lives. Although life isn't always easy at this stage, I already know how much I will one day long to be able to revisit this time of our lives.

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