Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hmmmm, do I need to get out more?

This morning, I decided to haul my weak little body to partake in some fitness training. I got up with the kids to let Eric sleep in and then at about 9:30, I put on workout gear, strapped on my sneakers and headed for the door.

I grabbed my keys from the hook, which makes a jingly sound. Instantly, the two girls perked up from whatever they were doing. Finny, still in her pajamas, sprinted for the door, demanding to know "where we are going". Um, what's up? Do I really walk out on my own so seldom? She almost had both shoes on (still in her nightie) before I could convince her that I was heading out on a kid-free activity. I'm not even sure it really sank in until I actually left.

Here is a shot of the window by the door:

By the way, that sweater Lukey is wearing is the very first whole sweater I have ever finished...he probably put it on thinking he was heading out.

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