Thursday, April 10, 2008

I forgot about this...

I can't believe I didn't post this because it was a BIG deal at our house in Point Roberts. We were down for Easter weekend, out in the driveway, when I looked up and spotted this:

It was a mini (and largely irrelevant) miracle to have a random bunny image pop up in the middle of your woodpile. The girls were entranced.

Weird, right? I swear, we didn't do anything to it. It just was.

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ducatit said...

Hi eric, hi less.

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch. Nun bist du auch ein richtiger Feuerwehr kollege!!!

first: Excuse me bad english. I had no time to speak a lot. So first i explain the german words. Congrats to you for the job as firefighter. (now you are a hero - welcome at are special club ;-))) ) Whats up with your wife and yor kids. I see the fotos at your blog. The grow up - the last time i see you the a litle bit smaller....

things have change in my live. i stoped studies medicine.

No i work at a saler in an electronic saler store. an become a few weeks ago the ( abeitlungsleiter) in translation it`s mean the man who stands over 8 other workers) it spends a lot of time. i`m alrady at the paramatics but the firedepartment ( there is no such time for it)

( Karli & monica - tells me to wish you all the best an gratulation for your job)

so i have to finish.

i`m alredy at skype (name - ducatit or hanns-florian thomaser

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i hope getting some answer from you

nice greatings to you family.

best wishing Flo (the austrian - firefighter - paramatic - and basketball player ) ;-))))