Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seymour snowshoers

Monday was the first of three strike days for kids. While I appreciate the hard work of the teachers at the kids' school...I really love to have them home. That's my secret agenda for supporting job action. More weekdays with the MolLuFin (that's Molly, Lucas and Finny done celebrity name mash-up style). 

So, after a very lazy day at home on Monday (although Molly did some stellar online math), we headed over to the North Shore to see Eric's mom's new place. We toured her new condo (which was lovely and in a great location) and then left the kids behind to head up Seymour Mountain for a quick two hour snowshoe (if you know us, then you will understand that we had a COUPON we needed to use up).

There is something so nice about leaving the city behind and driving up a mountain into the snow. It was only a couple of hours, but it felt like a full-on nature retreat.  

I got into some off-trail daredevilry. As you can see, I somehow missed my true calling as a skate-Betty.

Here's Eric in the middle of the frozen lake we crossed. We only saw one other person the whole time we were on the trails. It was really peaceful, just the two of us.

We blazed the trails and took a break close to the end to sit in the sunshine and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. It was gorgeous.

Couldn't this picture of Eric be in a catalogue for MEC or something? He looks so outdoorsy and handsome. One day away from 38 (his birthday was today) and look at this guy! It is the 21st year we have celebrated his birthday together. Good thing he is so easy on the eyes. He makes 38-less-a-day look very nice, indeed.

We enjoyed the snowshoeing so much that one of my birthday presents to Eric is a pair of his own.

We headed down the mountain to enjoy a great dinner with Jane and her sister Betsy, complete with champagne to celebrate the new condo. A great day.

Tomorrow's post? Strike day number two.

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