Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aunt Mary love...and moving on reluctantly

Here's Lukey...he's a bit of a hot dog. Alright, I apologize. That was a terrible pun. Especially when I should be playing ketchup on the blog posts instead of pontificating...I don't relish writing all these posts. 

That's brutal. 

We woke up at Aunt Mary's and had breakfast in the most perfect lanai ever. Aunt Mary spoiled us. 

Finny blogged overlooking the golf course. Does it get any better?

Yes, yes it does. You can hop in a golf cart and head for the beach club. Although, as an aside, if you were to hop in the golf cart, maybe take a quick, close look at who is driving. Because if it is Eric, hold on tight. I could hear Finny squealing the whole way. She says she was happy...but there was an edge of terror. Or maybe that was Aunt Mary, worried that she would be branded as the Aunt-in-law of the crazy yahoo stunt cart driver. Just saying.

Ponte Vedra beach. Good waves and great sand.

Are you getting sick of our beach pictures yet?

When it got a bit windy down at the beach, we headed up to the beach club pool. That's a flying cannonball by Lukey (Eric powered).

And what do you do when you are at the beach club and you are a little hungry after your swim? You head out to the oceanfront patio for a couple of pizzas and beers.

Back to Aunt Mary's to collect our things and bid a reluctant adieu to head up the coast to Cocoa Beach. We'd had a great time in Ponte Vedra and felt very lucky to have enjoyed Aunt Mary's hospitality. Whenever I spend time with Aunt Mary, it feels like being with my mother in an alternate reality. There is a unique closeness and familiarity. And it is like unearthing a treasure, especially to find it so far from home.

We drove the two hours south to Cocoa Beach and settled into our condo in the Sandcastles building. It was a place I found on and it worked really well. A very well-appointed 2 bedroom place, complete with beach chairs, body surf boards, skim boards and sand toys. It was ideal.

We have now been to lots of beaches in Florida and we all feel that Cocoa Beach is one of our very favourites. The sand is perfect. It is powder fine and virtually unadulterated by shells, seaweed or rocks. When you walk out into the surf, your feet on pure sand. Which is a nice thing when you can't see your feet. No bad surprises.

The beach is deep.

And looooooooong.

And in November, it is almost deserted.

The water is an absolutely perfect temperature. And you know that's true because I go in there. And I hate cold water.

Cocoa Beach is one of our top destinations, so a week here sounds just great.

So, we dug in and settled down for a week of beach fun.

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