Tuesday, November 6, 2012

E- Election Day

It's Election Day and we de decided to visit a local polling station. It is different than our perceptions. First of all, the only signs we have seen of any candidates are the ones we saw at the poll. Secondly, when we watch American politics from home, through the media filter, we see so much hype, contentiousness, division that it seems like the country is literally being torn apart. Being down here on Election Day shows how different reality can be from the media portrayal. The polling station is quiet, subdued and apolitical....and also thoroughly unmodern.

As Les said, the polling instructions look like a cardboard cutout from an Elementary school science project. People in some counties here have been waiting 4 plus hours to vote. Hard to believe that billions have been spent in this election and yet the results are still being determined by some hanging chads

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