Thursday, February 7, 2008

E- It's a bad one.

Who knew that two little girls even had this much liquid in them? Finny is now on day 5 of a stomach flu that has been incredibly consistent/persistent but not too severe for her. Molly has been throwing up every 45 minutes or less for over 24 hours now. Let's just say we don't have a lot of clean towels left in our house.

Apart from the retching noises, we have had a pretty quiet couple of days hanging out, watching videos and reading. I have been working nights all week, so have been happy to rest with the kids during the day.

It has been interesting to see how each of the kids has reacted differently to their illness. Although they have both been troopers, doing a lot less complaining than I probably would in a similar situation, they are also really different when they are their lowest point. A ralphing Finny gets a bit angry and wants to do something about this mean bug attacking her stomach.....kind of a "let me at him" approach. Molly on the other hand, is a picture of composure.....she may not enjoy this but she can at least be pleasant through the process. Picture the queen worshiping the make that Royal Doulton...god.

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