Sunday, February 10, 2008

What I wish I were Doing Right NOW

Well, we are finally crawling out from under the full week of sickness. And now that we have emerged (albeit have no idea how foul Molly, the sweetest girl in all creation, can become when cabin fever we are quite behind You know, all the little things that pile up when you are looking the other way? I am tired. Too many nights of mopping up after sweaty brows. And now it is almost Monday again. Yikes.

Today, the stale and germy air in here finally became unbearable so we headed out to enjoy the sunshine at the park. Sickness be damned.

While Eric did this:

We did this:

And it felt good.


Heather Osberg said...
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Heather Osberg said...

Hi Eric and Les! Les great to hear from you... I love reading your blog, great pics. I'm hanging in there for sure - listening to cbc radio right now! hope you're all doing well! ")