Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Artists

Tonight, we practiced some of the brilliant observational drawing ideas I found on the Camp Creek Press site. It is pretty incredible what happens when you focus a kid's mind on the details of an object. I am all for creativity and making things up out of the quagmire of your own head, but there is also something very powerful in honing your senses to absorb something real. I will post tomorrow with the results of Molly's drawings of a Hello Kitty mug (don't judge me and my cute kitten drinkware). In the meantime and until I upload my those pictures, let me share some other creative work. I give you...ELMO ROBOT (turn your head sideways):
Ah yes, diaper art. I am just happy they are fresh. Yeah. I went there. And if you are wondering, as I was, why it is an ELMO robot, take a closer look at the diapers. The robot is constructed out of only Elmo diapers. No Big Birds or Zoeys. And when the girls explained that one to me when I asked, it was like I had just mistaken oil paints for acrylics. Some serious artsy snobbery. For Real.

And I will leave you with a Magna Doodle masterpiece, Molly's other major medium. Enjoy Mummy in Garden with Giant Snail.

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