Monday, November 11, 2013

Canucks vs. Ducks

So, when you love the Canucks (and Eric and Lukey do...), what is better than discovering they are playing an away game right where you cost about a quarter what they do at home.


Eric got tickets to see the Canucks vs. the Ducks in the Pond. Our hotel is about a five minute drive away. So perfect.

The girls and I dropped them off and picked them up. In the meantime, they texted me pictures.

The only thing that would have made it more awesome is a win, but no dice. We lost 3-1.

In the middle of the game, I realized it was Eric's and my 22 year anniversary of when we first got together in Grade 12.

Um...happy anniversary?! We, as usual, forgot....

...but nothing says special occasion like a late dinner at Denny's, right?

Want some pancake with that whipped cream, Lukey?

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