Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Day 10

Remember how I said that if I blog until Thanksgiving (or was it the end of October?) I would get myself a new phone? At least 90% of that is motivated by wanting a better camera. But an iPhone 6 takes perfectly fine pictures, you say. Does it?

Here's the picture I got of dropping Lukey at camp this morning

Isn't it a masterpiece? Can't you feel the excitement and tension in the group? The crackle of energy as the little boys prepare to battle the outdoors? What's that? It is so blurry that you can't even make the location? Huh.

I will say that my "take pictures and capture the ordinary moments" muscles are a little weak. I don't think to pull out my camera. But let's be real. It isn't great when I do. So that isn't all that motivating.

I did take a shot this morning when I came back from dropping Lukey off at camp. It struck me as a little funny that Finny was gone overnight last night, but both Lukey and Molly still slept on her floor. And when I got back from dropping Lukey, it was just Molly. In Finny's room.

The stowaways. 
 Molly apparently plans to go right back there tonight. Alone. Haha!

When Molly came back home from school, she was an only child. Funny that she spent her first year and a half on the planet with her parents all to herself. Things sure changed.

We worked until we were starving, then headed to Main Street for dinner at Meet on Main. It was great. Just the three of us. When we wandered out of there, we stopped at a late night used book store and I found "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole age 13 3/4" for Molly (she's reading it right now at my feet).

On our way home, our only child asked for an extra drive, so we went over the Cambie bridge and back. I just don't think any of us wanted it to end.

We came home and Molly found this spry little snail on our hedge. He was so stretchy and curious. She called him Stargazer. We had a brief debate if we should take him off the top of the hedge or not (potentially dangerous), but I argued it might have been his life work to get up there in the first place.

I hope we did you right, Stargazer!

National Geographic, you can get my number if you need some wildlife photography...

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