Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Man, I need a camera...

Or maybe I just need to remember to take pictures. Better ones than screenshots of basketball stuff and things I want to text Molly (ie. cute animals or cool art projects). That doesn't make for good blogging. 

Poor Finny was home sick again this morning, Lukey forgot it was a late morning for him and Molly was early for school, which was a small miracle. The bonus was getting to shop at Stongs with Lukey to kill time. That's pathetic. I felt it as I typed it. Younger Lesley rabbit punches older Lesley in the face for the ridiculous sentiment of bonus grocery shopping. What's wrong with me (but it was sort of nice, younger Lesley...he's good company and lifts the bags up AND wheels the cart around!)?

There was a bunch of work in the middle and then a volleyball game for Finny at Crofton. And in the middle of the day, a phone call from Molly panicking that she didn't have enough Grade 11 courses to get into university. GRADE 11 courses. Her two years look like this:

If they are going to punish you for taking 10 Grade 12 courses, then university can just shove it.

I made a good dinner and my kitchen is still making me really happy.

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