Monday, September 2, 2019

New Year (school year, at least) and new resolutions

When Eric and I talk about things that we hold most valuable in our lives, the blog and the memories captured in it is one of the most important. BUT, we are busy and time slips away. It is so easy to forget in the short term how a few minutes of effort in the moment can prevent our daily lives from rushing past us in a blur of missing sports equipment, rushed rides in the car, hurried dinners and frantically glued together science fairs.

When I look back through our old blog posts and flip through the blog books, it shocks me how many things I have already forgotten, but there they are captured in time. How many things would have long disappeared into the foggy past. Even how many things I remember differently now than how/when they actually happened. Then my heart clutches when I think how many days, events, moments are actually gone. Uncaptured and erased.

I don't feel like I have a lot of spare time. But what possible better use of my time could there be than this? Each night before bed, I scroll through things on my phone. I check the news, Twitter, Instagram. Snippets of useless facts to calm my mind at the end of the day. What if I created the habit of a quick blog post each night instead? What if that 10 minutes was just one picture and a couple of sentences about the day. Let's face it, most of the days are pretty routine. But there is still the daily magic (and horror) of a growing family.

Somehow in the thick of it all, it feels eternal. Like the school bags stuffed with old lunches and permission slips jammed into coat pockets will just go on forever. But they don't. We have three kids in high school this year (but I have to admit, I really doubt Lukey has turned the corner on the overlooked permission slips and gross abandoned old food). Molly has one year of high school left. It is changing. Which makes this time all the more invaluable. Because it's fleeting. Slipping through our fingers as I type. 

So this year I will try. I will not throw away the 10-15 minutes every night to mindless internet browsing (or if I do, it has to be AFTER the blog update). And if I get a few days behind, get back on course. Remind myself that there is NOTHING more precious or more vulnerable to loss than the moments that make up every day. At the time the minutiae can drive me nuts, but in hindsight it's all we have.

Today is the last day before school starts up this week. Molly has an hour tomorrow. Finny and Lukey don't have school until Wednesday. But it still feels like the end of summer. We woke up in Point Roberts and ended the day having dinner together on the beach. The kids played a pretty darn aggressive game of jackpot. Molly may have hit Finny in the face. That resulted in a chase that closely resembled a lion in pursuit of an antelope. Molly's flip flops came off as she bobbed and weaved through people at Kits Beach, shaking off an irate Finny TWICE. Finny quickly blamed a belly full of three pieces of pizza and five chicken strips. All the while, I barely held it together with a back that unexpectedly went out this morning.

The end of summer. The start (hopefully) of new blog routines :)

Golden Hour at Kits Beach

Beach Buddies (sometimes)...Finny wearing her shirt from the John Dumont tournament this year

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