Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hey, Look at Me! Two Days in a Row!

You know what makes it way easier for me to preach to the kids that they can create powerful new habits? Creating my own new habits!!

Poor Molly was the only person to make it to school today. But even that was only 30 minutes in an auditorium. While she was there, Finny, Lukey and I went out to get Ernie (the Hamsta') some new bedding material, new bed fluff and some tasty honey sticks for being a patient little rodent all summer (he was left behind on some family trips).

One of the last days of juggling Eric and me working while the kids kill time (today it was taking out the recycling, cleaning out the water heater closet [which is Finny's equivalent of Monica's trash closet in Friends], getting out all the Playmobil [amazing!], watching Brooklyn 99, and feverishly trying to finish Summer Reading Books [47, by Walter Mosley for Lukey and The Joy Luck Club, but Amy Tan for Finny]. Not the best reviews from my kids on either of those...while I loved Joy Luck Club, Finny says it is just about old Asian ladies playing mahjong. And to be fair to Lukey, 47 is well written, but...odd...

Lastly, I have something to confess. Something shameful. My name is Lesley and I am a trashy reality tv addict. Even worse, I have consciously set out to expose (even incite) my children to the same addiction. Bachelor in Paradise, you have entertained us this summer. Rotted our brains, likely lowered our IQs, caused Eric to judge us (which is fair...but Eric, we all know you have pretended to tune it out, but then asked some very specific clarification questions, like, "What happened after the fight on the beach?"...nice try!). I am sorry, Mum. I know it's bad.

Tomorrow, Lukey has his first day of high school. Big day. And as I type this, he's reading the last two pages of his Summer Reading book. So, success that he's finished. And, uh, maybe a bit of concern that he left it to...The. Very. Last. Minute.

Trying on the new togs...pretty sharp!

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