Saturday, September 14, 2019

Day 12

Day 12 wall. It is almost 1:00 am. I am up sending emails. But I will stick to my word and get a quick blog done.

I popped into the Saints Grade 8 parent coffee this morning after dropping off a cheque at WPGA and delivering Molly to school. There were lots of people I like there, but I did endure a few painful conversations of "my son is better than you son" oneupmanship. Some seriously passive aggressive flexing on genetics there.

Then I put in a full day with my dad looking at company finances. Productive and so helpful. Dads are the best. It's not every small company that has that much accounting muscle at its fingertips. We are so lucky to have the help.

Lukey and Finny got home from camp very wet, very tired and very happy to be home. Lukey was flexing on how miserable his camp experience was...until he heard hers. She won. She had the win with the mouse peeing all over her sweatshirt the first afternoon. And I believe it went downhill from there.

It was awesome to have all of us under one roof again. I actually made dinner (appliances applied!!) and we played some One Night Werewolf (man, Finny and Lukey are GOOD. Molly and I are sitting ducks. Literally useless. We can't lie, we can't bluff, we can't hide anything. I don't think either of us won in about ten games).

Then back to the computer to work for a couple of hours. Ahhh, the weekend...haha!!

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